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1 . Generalities

2 . Products

3 . Order / modification and cancellation of order

4 . Price and payment

5 . Delivery

6 . Guarantee

7 . Claims

8 . Restriction of liability

9 . Return of merchandise




1 . Generalities

These are the conditions of sale for sales made on the website WWW.NONJETABLE.COM of NONJETABLE S.A.R.L., capital of 35 420 euro,

11 allée de la roseraie, 78230 Le Pecq, France, RCS Versailles 488 223 249, VAT number : FR23488223249.


You should read them carefully as they apply to your order. We ask you to review your order and accept these terms and conditions of sale during

the registration process.

The applicable terms are the current ones on NONJETABLE.COM at the order date. Non emancipated -18 years old person are not able to contract.


This General Sales Conditions are under the French Law (Code de Commerce).


The Customer Service is present to answer to your questions. You can contact us 24h/24h by mail at

By phone  +33 9 54 61 79 26 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

By post at : NONJETABLE SARL, 11 allée de la roseraie, 78230 Le Pecq, France.



2 . Products


Technical data

All the dimensions are nominal outside measures of the products in cm.


Colors and materials

The main characteristics of products are shown inside each product schedule. The products on NONJETABLE.COM may not exactly correspond

to the real garments in terms of image and colors because of the Internet browser or of the monitor used. A full compliance of colors due to several

commercial variations in wood or textiles cannot be guaranteed.


Products availability

Products shown on NONJETABLE.COM are offer while stocks last. In case of unavailability of the product, NONJETABLE will inform the Client as

earliest as possible.



The package is included in product prices. The instructions for the assembly of the furniture are in the transport package.


Continuous development

In order to improve its products, NONJETABLE reserves the right to make, without notice, changes in materials, specifications or design of the goods.



3 . Order / Modification and cancellation of order

To order the Client must follow the different steps on NONJETABLE.COM. The order can also be placed over telephone or by e-mail. Every order

placed will be confirmed when the client receives a confirmation email from NONJETABLE. The order is confirmed for the Client upon receipt of

the confirmation of his order by NONJETABLE and for NONJETABLE when the payment is validated.


After reception of the order confirmation, the Client can change or cancel his order in the 24h by contacting the Customer Service. The change can

result in a new delivery time.


4 . Price and payment


Products prices

The prices shown in euro are inclusive of all taxes (French VAT 20%) and without assembly costs - if asked - and delivery costs which are chargeable

to the Client. The products and services are invoiced on the basis of the current prices at the time of the order registration.



An invoice, used if necessary as guarantee, is issued for every confirmed order and will be available at the Customer Service.



The payment is done in Euros, in full at the time of placing the order, by credit card. The following credit cards are accepted on NONJETABLE.COM:

Carte Bleue, Visa and Eurocard-Mastercard. Payments are secured by Merc@net.


5 . Delivery

Delivery costs

Delivery costs depends of the category of delivery and the destination.

Delivrey is free for orders from 2000€ in Europe EC.


Category of delivery:      FRANCE       EUROPE        EUROPE outside EC     Transport method


1                                                5€               7€                 10€                               Colissimo

2                                              10€             10€                 18€                               Colissimo / Parcel service

3                                              12€             20€                  30€                              Colissimo / Parcel service


4                                              17€              25€                 40€                              Colissimo / Parcel service


5                                              25€              35€                 60€                              Parcel service / Road transport


6                                              40€              70€                 80€                              Road transport


7                                              70 €             90€               105€                              Road transport    


The deliveries are made worldwide; please contact the Customer Service for a quotation.


The Client has to pay all the fees and charges stipulated by the authorities in the country of destination (i.e. import duties, turnover taxes and any other

costs in connection with importing goods).


Delivery time and terms

NONJETABLE do its best to send goods in the best time. The order preparation can last 2 working days (48h).

Appointment for the delivery date fixed in 48h after order preparation. Date of delivery arranged with the client.

All our furniture deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, with the choice of the morning or the afternoon.


Furniture is sent by the most adapted specialized carrier. Accessories and smaller items by Colissimo and parcel service, several or heavier items on pallet 80x120 cm.

Delivery is always on street (building or house) for the exception of deliveries in Paris Region (75, 92, 93, 78) that includes the unloading, the delivery on floor by 1-2 men, unpacking and mounting of the furniture if necessary.


The generally noted delivery time is, for the on stock furniture needing road transport for France: 3 to 8 working days, for Europe: 4 to 8 working days depending on the destination.


The generally noted delivery time is, for on stock products sent by Colissimo or parcel service for France: 48 to 72 hours for other countries: 4 to 8 working days depending on the



If your order has on stock products and at the moment out of stock products and/or customized products, we will send the order upon receipt of all

the products of the order. You can make an explicit demand to the Customer Service if you want a deferred delivery (prices on quotation).


For the products at the moment out of stock, the delivery time is given for information only; the maximum time noted is around 8 weeks.

NONJETABLE will contact the Client as soon as possible to inform him about the exact time, and the Client can, to his liking, decide to maintain or

to give up his order. If the Client gives up his order, he will be fully paid back within a week after reception of his confirmation.

It is important that the Client mentions all the possible obstacles (stairs, elevator, small streets, door codes...) and reminds them to the carrier or to the contact

person at the Customer Service. In case of absence of the Client or impossibility to deliver at the agreed date, a new date will be fixed by the carrier and

the Client will have to pay the price.



In case of a delay over 7 days from the delivery date noted on the order form, for every other reason than a case of force majeure (including strikes),

the Client can cancel his order with refund of the payed amount. The Client has to exercise this right by a registered letter with an acknowledgement

of receipt sent to the Customer Service at the last within the 60 working days following the expiration of the expected delivery date. The contract will

be considered as broken upon receipt of the letter if the product has not been received between the sending and the reception of the letter. The

repayment of the product will be made by any method of payment, in the best time and at least within 30 days from the receipt by NONJETABLE of

the order cancelation letter. The Client cannot claim to any late charge or late-payment interest. Insurance of parcels The product risks are transferred

to the Client upon receipt of the product by himself. The risks during the transport are supported by NONJETABLE under the condition that the Client

has checked the goods (packaging condition, references and quantity of the parcels) at the reception with the carrier and has mentioned by writing

on the delivery slip, if necessary, any remarks.


Documents included in delivery 

CMR or delivery slip and instructions for assembling the furniture will follow the delivery.

6 . Guarantee


NONJETABLE grants a guarantee to all the products NONJETABLE® as to production or material defects. NONJETABLE is not responsible for the

normal weariness of products after the material has been taken in use.



7 . Claims


When receiving the ordered goods the client is obliged to control that the quantity and description of packages are the same as mentioned on the
CMR/delivery slip. If the packages arrive damaged, a remark must be made on the CMR/transport receipt at the presence of the driver/at the post
office/to the courier service delivery man, before signing the freight letter.
If, after opening the packages, the Client finds out that the goods are damaged / defective, he must notice the Customer Service within 24 hours of
receipt of the goods. It is also recommended to take photos of the damages.
The accepted claims will give rise to the exchange of the damaged / defective product or to its refund in case of unavailability of the product on stock.
The returned product should be given to the NONJETABLE carrier, to the fullest extent possible in its original packaging and with all its eventual accessories.



8 . Restriction of liability

NONJETABLE is not responsible for prolongation of delivery time in the following cases:


1. The commercial invoice was not paid according to the schedule agreed upon.

2. The order information is not complete and/or did not arrive in due time.

3. A delay caused by a transport company beyond control of NONJETABLE.

4. Force majeure. NONJETABLE is not responsible, if the delivery of orders is prohibited, delayed or becomes complicated due to things beyond

control of NONJETABLE, like war, natural conditions, export or import ban, decision taken by authorities, disturbance of general traffic or other similar

actions prohibiting or disturbing the activities of NONJETABLE.



9 . Return of merchandise

The Client can return the merchandise within the 7 days after delivery in the original package, unopened.
The return costs are chargeable to the client.


Code de Consommation Article R121-1-2 and Article L121-20-1.


A product that was separately made, especially marked or customized to the client cannot be returned.

Code de Consommation Article L121-20-2, 3°.


The repayment by any means of payment will be done in a period of 30 days upon reception at the place fixed by NONJETABLE of the goods in the original

package, unopened.