This town house located in Suresnes, a stone’s throw from Paris, had a beautiful base, a millstone with quality construction and materials as well as a good distribution of spaces.
An open and joyful atmosphere was to reflect the dynamic family lifestyle by adapting to the children, the desire to receive and work at home.

The customers’ request was to set up a colour chart that was cheerful and varied without it becoming invasive or tiring over time.
The aesthetic design of the spaces required custom-made furniture with storage space. Thus, a library and an office/library for the living room, storage space for the fireplace, storage space for children at the entrance and mezzanine beds for 2 children have been designed by the agency to best meet these needs.

The sanitary facilities, kitchen and laundry room have also been renovated to make them functional and pleasant to live in. The family was very sensitive to ecology. The old bathroom ceramics have been reused. The wooden windows were chosen from French manufacture. The insulation of the attic is made of natural cork. In all areas, the choice of solutions has always been guided by ecology and sustainable development.

All the custom-made furniture for this project was, according to customer specifications, manufactured in France in the Jura region.