This spacious house, very close to the city centre, opens onto a landscaped garden not overlooked. The entrance, kitchen and living room had not been updated during previous work. They had to be rethought to better meet the tastes and needs of this family with 2 children. The kitchen was an isolated space, quite small with few storage spaces. The living-dining room was a separate room from the kitchen.

The extension project of the house with a custom-made veranda opened the living room and kitchen directly onto the garden while connecting the two rooms together. The garden now looks like an extension of the kitchen and living room. The veranda created, very high, very bright, is the new dining room of the house.


The kitchen has many storage spaces and allows you to cook simply in a bright, pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. The choice of furniture is very functional and contemporary. 

The high storage cupboards and appliances were integrated (dug) into the wall separating the living room from the kitchen with the addition of an IPN beam.

Along a beautiful opening to the garden is a comfortable work surface that ends with a 4-person kitchen table that also serves as an island and preparation surface.


The living room, freed from the dining room, has become a vast living space that connects the kitchen and the living room and allows an additional opening of the house to light and greenery.

The entrance with its new checkered floor contrasts with the sober and modern kitchen.

The choice of environmentally friendly sustainable materials was very rigorous. All products come from Europe. The high-quality kitchen has been chosen for its durability. The floor of the kitchen and veranda is made of natural stone. The LED lights have been carefully chosen to give maximum quality to the light.

The veranda, at the heart of the project, was custom-made by a local craftsman.