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Made-to-measure low table

Pine is a very local wood species in Europe with a lot of potential. However pine is not very popular and suffers of a low image. In terms of ecology pine is very interesting. It grows locally in Europe, is rapidly renewed and is easy to work with. It is also more economical.

Made-to-measure low table in solid pine

This low table in solid pine is part of an interor architecture project for which pine has been chosen as well for the living room floor as for all custom-made furniture. Dimensions : D. 85 x H. 38 cm and D. 65 x H. 38 cm.

Crafted keeping the touch of natural wood

Made-to-measure low table in solid oak

These three round coffee tables are manufactured in solid oak. Each table has been treated with an organic oil. These made-to-measure low tables were iniatially designed as part of an interor architecture project. Oak has been chosen as species for most of the tailor-made furniture in the living room. Dimensions : D. 85 x H. 38 cm, D. 65 x H. 38 cm and D. 45 x H. 38 cm.

Designed keeping in mind children use

Low table on wheels

The squared low table on wheels with open and closed storage has been our “classic” for 20 years. Initially this table was made of solid oak slats to use the falls from the floor of a project and thus blends perfectly into the space. The table was an immediate success. The children have adopted it as a playground and the parents as a coffee table.
The 90x90x90x40 cm version is suitable for various environments: shops, exhibitions and apartments. Below made in solid oak treated with oil.