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Sustainable wool suspension lamp

Sustainable wool suspension lamp in white or grey wool. The handmade lampshade is made of birch plywood hoops connected by fine white natural wool threads. This lamp offers a soft and radiant diffused light. It creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the child’s room and the living rooms of the house.

We have selected all-natural materials for this pendant lamp. The organic wool has been sourced from a small farmer in the Polish Zakopane mountains. We have kept the natural color of the sheep wool. There are no flame retardants or harmful additives.

All-natural materials for this wool hanging lamp.

The lamp has been crafted by highly-skilled local craftsmen using FSC Certified Birch Plywood and wool.

Our intent is to sustain and revitalize the woodworking traditions and encourage small local producers. All packing materials for this flat packed product are sourced local where each piece is made.